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Next Science and Life Board Meeting

January 18, 2018

8:00  Call Meeting to Order
8:01  Minutes of Last Meeting
8:05  Report: Secretary
8:15  Report: President
8:25  Report: Co-Chair
8:35  Report: Co-Chair
8:45  Wrap up
8:50  Adjourn
TinaMarie Nawn ~ Co-Chair
John Pangiochi ~ Co-Chair
Ellen Sayers
Thomas Padikal
Tina Marie Nawn
John Pangiochi
John Pangiochi/ TinaMarie Nawn
(Actual Agenda may be different)
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If in agreement, Motion to Accept
Current Activities . New Visions
Current Activities . New Visions
Current Activities . New Visions
Current Activities . New Visions
Emerging Collective Vision . Other

Board of Directors is comprised of elected and appointed officers.     They oversee the Business Activities of Science and Life. The actions of the Board are determined by the powers, duties, and responsibilities delegated to it by the bylaws.

New Board is elected every 6 months: January and June. Current term expires in December, 2017  

TinaMarie Nawn -- CO-CHAIRPERSON; John Pangiochi -- CO-CHAIRPERSON;  Thomas Padikal -- PRESIDENT; Ellen Sayers --  SECRETARY; Tony Ninan -- TREASURER and CORPORATE COMPTROLLER

Individual Appointments: SWEDEN OUTREACH:  Marie Forssel; GERMANY OUTREACH: Roland Hennes, M.D. SWITZERLAND OUTREACH: Phelomena Benz-Howell   FLORIDA OUTREACH:   Marsha Schulman  MARYLAND OUTREACH:  Ellen Tolliver;  NEW YORK OUTREACH: Marilee Murphy;  RUSSIA OUTREACH: S. Saida, Moscow    INDIA OUTREACH:  Koshy Mathew; UK OUTREACH: Jim Al-Kalili; MEXICO/SOUTH AMERICA OUTREACH: Lisa Williams, Playa Del Carmen;  PUERTO RICO OUTREACH:  Ivan Vazquez; AUSTRALIA OUTREACH: (pending); NEW ZELAND OUTREACH: Ralph Freeman, Christchurch  CONSULTANT: Peter Hoffmann, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Wayne State University; CLINICIAN and SURGEON: Roland Hennes, M.D.  SCIENTIST and PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Thomas Padikal, Ph. D.  (Quantum Optics and Medical Physics)

The President will have overall responsibility for day-to-day operations and create greater coherence across all operations.
Elected by the Board of Directors, the President will have broad responsibilities.
A new position of Vice President of Finance will be responsible for oversight of both financial affairs and deployment of financial matters to best achieve the Corporate Mission.
If you need assistance or have questions, please contact SCIENCE AND LIFE Customer Service.
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Board meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday each month. As a public charity, the meeting is open to the general public. 
Please make arrangements with one of the Board Members. Thank you..