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Pledge - a Division of Science and Life

Hypothesis 1: We are Active Participants in the Grandest Cosmic Experiment. The parts that make us up today can be traced back to the beginning of time.

Hypothesis 2: We are Holographic Quantum Beings. Creating alignment of our holographic and quantum auto-pilots will lead to escalation of quality of life.

Taking on the Practice of in vivo quantum biology

Our scientists, our organization and our followers are passionate about Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics including Quantum Biology and in vivo Quantum Biology.

That is because we are powered by Cosmology and Quantum Physics.

With the mapping of the cosmic microwave background and precision cosmology the constituents that make us up have been traced back to the beginning of time and to big bang cosmology.  How they configure you and I at the atomic and molecular level is the subject of Cat I quantum mechanics that includes chemical bonding and quantum chemistry. Details of how they function are the subject of Cat II quantum mechanics that includes superposition, entanglement and tunneling.


Meanwhile, with the Human Genome Project complete in 2002 we have entered a new era in life sciences where splicing and dicing DNA, genome engineering and CRISPR, are areas of intense activities in bio-technology.


It is in this context that we (a) choose to distinguish the fundamental variables over dependent ones and (b) prioritize and re-discover our heritage that forms the foundation. Fact is, present day human beings are players in the longest running, and the most complex, experiment in history. Working in alignment with fundamental principles then, is vital to success in the long run. It is in this spirit that we:

1. Embrace opportunities to upgrade humanity through holographic alignment and education; every human being is a SCQB (self-contained complete quantum being) with huge potential.

2. Recognize that optimizing our well-being and quality of life is our way of signaling to the cosmos our desire to participate. Given the rich holographic and quantum biological bequeaths, all beings are suited to participate.


The greatest impact of our project is the unleashing of the dormant infinite holographic potential of every child and every human being, irrespective of his or her socio-economic status, educational or cultural background.  Upon implementation of (1) and (2) we expect (a) dramatic increases in prosperity and (b) significant declines in maladies, as we abandon our decohering lifestyles.


Our approach is to polish up the fundamentals. Despite the excitement over the wonders of artificial intelligence, it is no more than mere tinkering, and cannot match holographic intelligence. Neglecting the cosmic-frontier-human is like the proverbial throwing the baby away with the bath water, unwittingly. It is in this context that our scientists, our organization and our followers recommit to the fundamentals and are engaged in both (1) and (2).

Fact that the public chooses drugs/chemo/surgery/radiation over a Daily Practice is proof that we've duped ourselves into believing that medical intervention is superior to quantum biologic alignment, that the daily practice is too naive and simple and that swallowing a complex pill or genome splicing is more sophisticated than quantum biological alignment.
I left my prestigious and lucrative career in organized medicine fifteen years ago to develop in vivo quantum biology by aligning with a non-profit US corporation. Finally, we're beginning to gain some momentum. Talk to me, or better yet, take our Online Classes and get connected to quantum entanglement and cosmic order. Please don't wait until entropy and misalignment grinds your quantum biological machinery to a halt.
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